Quality Policy

A system based on total quality management is being established in our restructuring companies. our aim is to create dynamic metsan companies on the foundation of mutual trust and manage effectively together with our all business partners.

We accept our employee as the most valuable resource. each of our companies will reach a happy and peaceful organization through team spirit and solidarity. metsan employee distinguish with their respectful behaviour to the social rules, human being and enviroment beside the legal rules. our managers are leaders or being trained for leadership.

Customers are our indispensable partners. customer satisfaction is our top priority in all metsan activities and the main criterion for the performance of our process management.

The sensitivity to the technological developments, dependance to the quality management systems, and self-novation by the process performance evaluation system constitute the characteristic of our organization focused on continual improvement.

As being the top management of metsan, we declare to support the professional management of our companies by favouring the philosophy and values stated in this document.